Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

3 Warning Signs It Is Time To Hire A Septic Tank Repair Service

by Bill Turner

A properly functioning septic tank is an essential resource to your home because it eliminates your dependence on municipal sewer systems. It also minimizes your impact on the environment and saves you money in the long run. However, you have to take good care of your septic tank to avoid health and safety issues in your home. When ignored, a malfunctioning septic tank can cause flooding and structural damage to your house. Therefore, if you notice something amiss with your septic tank, you should hire a septic tank repair service before it is too late. Getting your faulty septic tank repaired on time by a professional will eliminate health and safety hazards from your home.

Here are three warning signs it is time to hire a septic tank repair service:  

You Notice Sewage Backups in Your Sinks or Toilets

Your septic tank may be in trouble if raw sewage is backing up in your toilets or sinks. A clogged filter in your septic tank is one of the reasons why you may experience sewage backups in your house. You may also encounter this problem when your septic tank is full. Failure to take immediate action may lead to flooding and severe water damage to your valuables. Therefore, do not hesitate to hire a septic tank repair service to assess and fix your septic tank or system when you notice this sign.   

You Notice Pools of Water Around Your Drain Field

Your septic tank may also be failing if you notice standing water in your yard for no apparent reason. A cracked or leaking septic tank may cause this problem. You may also experience puddles around your drain field if your septic tank is full and overflowing. As a homeowner, you should take immediate action when you notice this sign to protect your house and landscape from sewage damage. An experienced septic tank repair professional will examine your septic tank and offer a permanent solution to prevent the recurrence of the problem.  

Your Yard Is Stinking

Your septic system may not be draining properly if you notice sickening odors inside or outside your house. A leaking or overflowing septic tank may cause foul odors in your home. When ignored, sewer smells can cause the greenhouse effect and ruin the environment. Sewer gases are also toxic to you and your loved ones. Therefore, you should hire a septic tank repair service to examine your septic system as soon as you notice foul odors in your yard, as their efforts will protect your family's health and the environment. 

You should also have your septic tank examined by a professional if you experience slow drainage in your home. An accredited and insured septic tank repair service will assess the above septic problems and offer lasting solutions. Contact a septic repair service to learn more. 


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