Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Garbage Disposal Issues And Remedies

by Bill Turner

Large bones, big chunks of meat, and stringy vegetables that have tough exteriors should not be placed inside of a garbage disposal. Cramming food products into a disposal that is not designed to adequately break down the materials could cause your unit to become jammed or could affect your household's plumbing.

Damage To A Seal

Improper usage could cause damage to a ring (seal), which may result in a disposal leaking. It can also cause premature wear to the motor and a buildup of food products within the disposal or the plumbing that is attached to it. If you notice leakage around the rings that surround the sink's drain, a plumber can be hired to remove the damaged rings and install a new set.

A leak could indicate that the original rings have stretched or torn. During the installation of a new set of rings, a plumber will apply putty to the replacement parts. The putty will hold the rings in place. 

Slow Draining And Jams

There are a series of teeth inside of a garbage disposal. The teeth are responsible for breaking down food particles. Never attempt to insert your fingers or hand into the area where the teeth are located. Slow draining and jams may cause food particles to remain near the drain. Food may also become stuck within the unit or near the drain pipe that extends down from your sink.

Because all of the food will eventually be routed throughout the entire plumbing system, it is important to remove clogs quickly. This will prevent additional backup that could require a more extensive inspection and repair process. A serious jam that involves food being stuck within the plumbing that runs outdoors may require a plumber to use a plumber's snake and a series of other tools.

A Basic Remedy

The motor to a garbage disposal may shut off and only make a slight humming noise if a unit is jammed. Most garbage disposals contain a notched section that can be accessed by a consumer. This notched section requires the use of a hand tool (a small wrench) that came with the unit. If you have misplaced this tool, you can purchase a new one from the manufacturer of the unit that you own.

Use the tool to open the bottom plate. Peer inside of the garbage disposal. If you see food scraps wedged between the blades or parts of the motor, use a narrow tool to loosen and remove them. Replace the cover, turn on the unit, and determine if the disposal is working properly.

For more information about garbage disposal repair, contact a local company.


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