Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Three Things You Need To Consider When Installing A Leach Field

by Bill Turner

If you are trying to have a self-contained sewerage system then you will most likely need to have a leach field installation take place on your property at some point. The leach field is the final step in the process to recycle waste back into nature, but it is not as easy as that sounds. Making sure you have the right space is critical for a leach field, and many people aren't quite sure what the requirements are before they book it in. Here are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to leach fields so that you know your one will fit your property. 

Any Incline In The Ground

For a leach field to work evenly and efficiently it has to be installed on a mostly flat surface. Otherwise, there can be a problem with too much waste leaking down into one area and overflowing and so on and so forth. So, not only do you have to have enough room to install a leach field, but that space has to be properly graded before you can confidently install anything there, let alone something as potentially delicate as a leach field. It will last you for decades if it is installed properly, so even if you do have to organize some landscaping to fix this issue it will be worth it.

Nowhere Near Your Home

The thing about a leach field is that once it is finished, you cannot ever build on top of it again. If you do, then the foundations will mess up the leach fields process and could lead to some very unhygienic problems that are not very savory to think about. To avoid this complication, simply put your leach field as far away as possible and away from any future plans of expansion or extensions that you might have. Don't risk it by keeping it close as you may change your mind in the future even if you have no plans to grow right now. 

Always Use A Professional

While it is technically possible to install a leach field on your own, this is not something you want to attempt because if it goes wrong you will need to spend a lot more to fix it. While it might sound simple enough in theory, making sure that every component is lined up correctly and all the holes in the pipes to dissipate the waste are evenly spaced and facing the right way is not without its challenges. If you want your leach field installation to go smoothly and actually work, then you need to use a professional. 

Contact a plumber in your area to learn more about leach field installation.


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