Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Why Does Your Water Well Pump Keep Shutting Off?

by Bill Turner

If your well water pump keeps shutting off every time you use the water in your home, repair it soon. Your water well pump pushes water into a large storage tank during the day. If something goes wrong with the pump or something else in the well, the pump will short-cycle. Learn why your well pump keeps shutting off and why you need repairs for it below.

Why Is Your Water Pump Short-Cycling?

Your water well pump is intricately made to push water into your home every time you need it. However, well pumps and the components that support them can cause the devices to short-cycle. A short-cycling well pump can eventually quit working.

Short-cycling occurs when a well pump shuts off prematurely. The device will generally shut down before you complete a task in the home, such as taking a shower or washing your dishes. Although the tank contains water, it won't have a way to transfer the water into your home.

A number of other things can also cause your well pump to shut down, including a loss of air in the storage tank. If the air pressure inside the tank becomes too low, it can't release water into your home. Your tank may lose air if the sensors in it become defective or clogged with debris. The water will remain in the tank instead. 

You can stop your water well pump from shutting off prematurely by having it repaired by a plumber. 

How Do You Repair Your Short-Cycling Well Pump?

The first thing a plumber may do to repair your water well pump is check it for clogs. If the pump's motor contains debris inside or on it, the device will turn off too quickly. A plumber may need to clean the pump to solve the issue at hand.

If the motor isn't clogged with debris, a plumber will check the well's holding tank for low pressure. If the pressure is too low, a contractor will recharge it with air. A plumber may also need to repair or replace the sensors in the tank to keep it properly charged with air.

If a plumber doesn't find anything wrong with the holding tank, they may recommend you upgrade your water well pump. Your pump may not be stable enough to pump water into your home. The pump's motor may eventually burn out and leave your home with enough water to use.

Learn more about short-cycling water well pumps and how to repair your device by contacting a plumber for services. 


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