Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

4 Instances When You Should Consider Water Heater Replacement

by Bill Turner

A hot tank unit is a common appliance for many homeowners. It helps put water at the desired temperature for cooking, cleaning, or bathing. These appliances are a major energy hog. They can waste energy and continue to increase your bills if they are broken. You should consider getting a new boiler tank if your old one has rust, is leaking, or no longer heats water appropriately. Here are four instances when you should consider replacing your water heater.

Visible Rust  

Noticeable rust in your home geyser can lead to leaks which may ultimately reduce its energy efficiency. For example, rust can lower the heat your appliance produces. This can also make it challenging to maintain the appliance and ensure it's in good working condition. To avoid this trouble, you should schedule services with a reputable plumber to substitute the appliance with a new one.

Your Boiler Is More Than a Decade Old

Most water heaters manufacturers guarantee optimal functionality for a few years, after which the appliances' value can start degrading. Waiting until it breaks down may put your property at risk of damage, and subject you to restoration costs. It's important to replace your heater after ten years even without signs that it's broken down. This can prevent your property from future damage and help you avoid repair costs.

Your Water Heater Leaks From the Bottom

Sometimes, you may experience water discharge from the bottom of your heater. If not attended immediately, this can put your property at risk of water damage and mold. This means you may experience costly repairs on your property. To avoid such trouble, you need to contact a credible technician to fix another heat exchanger for you once you notice bottom leakage.

Your Water is Lukewarm

Sometimes, your heater may delay increasing the water temperatures. Other times water in your cold-water faucet is lukewarm rather than hot. If you experience this, you should consider hiring ideal water heater replacement professionals to fix a new heater in your home. This can ensure that your heat the water fast enough, or make it hot enough to satisfy your needs.

Sometimes, your water heater can be out of commission because it is old, has rust, or is leaking. In such cases, your power bills can go up and you may experience high repair costs of any damages caused by your broken heater. In such instances, reputable plumbers come in handy to replace the dysfunctional appliance. Contact a professional plumber today to replace your old or broken water heater.


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