Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

About Backed Up Plumbing Fixtures & the Main Sewer Line

by Bill Turner

Do your plumbing fixtures backup on a regular basis and you are tired of spending money on plumbing products? The problem with your plumbing system might be more extensive than what general plumbing products can fully repair. For example, if the main sewer line needs attention, a toilet might keep backing up until the sewer line has been repaired. You might even need to get a new sewer line installed, which is why a plumber must be hired so they can perform an inspection. It will be difficult to inspect the main sewer line on your own since it's located underground.

Common Causes for Backed Up Plumbing Fixtures

A problem that almost every homeowner experiences with their plumbing fixtures at one point is when the plumbing lines become blocked. For example, a blocked plumbing line is one of the main causes for toilets to back up. Another cause for plumbing fixtures backing up is for the plumbing lines to become corroded, which could interfere with the flow of sewage and causes leaks. Problems within the main sewer line are another cause for back-ups, such as from overgrown tree roots or trash filling the line and causing a blockage. The main sewer line can also cause problems when it is old and damaged.

Signs of Problems within the Main Sewer Line

Other than plumbing fixtures backing up on a regular basis, another sign that the main sewer line is problematic is when there are gurgling noises coming from the plumbing lines in your home. For example, if you pour fluid down a drain and hear gurgling noises, it is a sign that the main sewer line might be problematic. If you see puddles of septic waste in your yard, it points to you possibly needing a new sewer line. A plumber will inspect the line and determine if you need a new one or if making repairs is more ideal.

Methods Used to Replace the Main Sewer Line

The most common main sewer line replacement method used is to dig a large trench in the yard to access the line. However, keep in mind that digging a trench can damage that area of your landscape. If you are worried about your yard landscape being damaged, you can opt for the trenchless method. For instance, the trenchless method involves holes being dug in a strategic manner that does not cause severe damage to the lawn.

For more information, contact a sewer repair service in your area.


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