Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

3 Major Home Remodeling Ideas That Will Instantly Increase Your Old Home's Value

by Bill Turner

There are two types of aspiring homeowners; those who want modern homes and others who prefer the nostalgia and charm of old homes. If you're the latter, friends and colleagues probably wonder if you don't care for the functionality of modern homes. Well, the truth is, thanks to home remodeling, you can make an old home as functional as a modern house. So the next time this concern arises, remember that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

And if you've been shying away from investing in an old home because of what people say, now is the time to go for what your heart wants. Read below to discover three major home remodeling ideas that will increase your old home's value.

1. Bi-Folding Doors

It's hard to be a fan of conventional wooden entryway doors because they block out natural light and prevent you from enjoying the view of your yard from the comfort of your living room. Their opaque nature also prevents you from keeping an eye on the kids when they're frolicking on the lawn.

To allow more light into your living room, upgrade to a bi-folding glass door that allows the sun's rays to pierce through. Whether closed or open, the fixture's transparent glass pane will ensure you can still get natural sunlight. And the icing on the cake is the folding feature that allows you to choose how wide you want to open your doors.

2. Home Automation

Nothing spruces up an old home more than automation; investing in home technology quite literally lets you merge the old and the new. To choose the best home technologies for your old home, you should consult home remodeling services before embarking on the upgrade.

The professional will conduct an extensive home inspection to determine how you can incorporate automation to increase functionality and convenience in your living spaces. Thus, you don't end up purchasing trending home automation devices for the sake of it only to realize you don't need most of them.

3. Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is likely the first thing your home remodeling expert will recommend for your old home. Investing in this technology is important because it allows you to contribute to environmental conservation. The photovoltaic cells will be strategically placed on your rooftop to maximize the amount of solar energy they can harness. As such, you can establish a residence that doesn't heavily rely on the grid for its electric needs.

If you're feeling inspired to purchase an old home, don't shy away from your dream for fear that your house won't be functional. Home remodeling services — such as Thrifty Plumbing — can help you make upgrades to make your old home functional and comfortable.


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