Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Plumbing Pipes Have Constant Clogs? Use Hydro Jetting To Take Care Of This

by Bill Turner

If the plumbing pipes in your home are constantly getting clogs that keep coming back, a plumber will likely choose hydro jetting to take care of this problem. Keep reading to learn reasons why your pipes have recurrent clogs and how hydro jetting works. 

Causes of Constant Clogs

There are many things that can cause recurrent clogs in plumbing pipes. For example, if you put oils, fats, or grease down a drain it will build up inside the pipes and result in clogs. Make sure when you fry something, you drain the grease off the food before you put the pan in the sink. Never drain the grease down the kitchen sink. 

Food scraps getting down the drain also cause clogs. This could be eggshells, coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit peels, rice, pasta, and more. If you have a garbage disposal, do not put large food scraps down the sink or they can also cause clogs.  

Soap scum and hair are often the cause of clogs in a bathroom. If you use bar soap, consider switching to liquid soap instead. Bar soap can get stuck down the drain especially when it becomes small. One thing you can do is install drain covers in the bathtub and shower to prevent hair and/or soap from going down them. 

If you have hard water, mineral deposits collect and stick to the interior pipe walls. To take care of this problem you should install a water softener. Hard water can lead to many other problems, such as mineral deposits in a dishwasher, spots on dishes, not getting your skin or hair as clean, and more. 

Hydro Jetting

A hydro jet is a tool that pushes highly pressured water through plumbing pipes. The water is strong enough that it breaks up any size of clog and other buildup that may be lining the inside of the pipes. This includes things like mineral deposits, built-up grease, limescale, and more. 

When the plumber arrives at your home, they will first inspect the pipes to look for damage. If there is damage, the plumber may suggest you replace the pipes. If no damage is found, they will start the process of hydro jetting. A hose is inserted into the pipes and when the machine is turned on the high pressured water flows through the pipes. When finished not only will all clogs be gone but your pipes will be completely clean. This will help your pipes last much longer. 

The plumber can give you much more information about hydro jetting


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