Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Know When To Make The Call For A Plumbing Problem

by Bill Turner

It's only natural to try to resolve a plumbing problem on your own. However, any of the below issues should send you running to the phone. In many cases, nothing else but a professional plumber will do. Read on and find out more. 

Beware of Doing It Yourself  

At some point, you may admit that you need more help. However, it's better for both your plumbing and the plumber if you call them right away. For example, some people try to clear a clogged drain using over-the-counter drain cleaner. These products can be toxic and dangerous, and accidents can happen with them. However, if you have used Liquid Plumber or other products like that, be sure to tell the plumber when they arrive. They need to know what they could encounter as they begin working on your plumbing issue. 

Clogged Drains – Try using a plunger on the clogged sink, bath, or toilet first. If you cannot clear the clog, call your plumber. They have professional equipment that can identify the location and nature of the clog and they also have what is needed to clear it. 

Leaking Pipes – A leaking pipe can do damage to a home before anyone notices it. Leaking pipes under sinks and other water sources may leak too slowly to raise attention. However, a burst pipe may cause a lot of damage very quickly. Call a plumber and follow their directions for what to do until they can arrive and fix the issue. 

Running Toilet – Toilets that run all the time can be extremely aggravating. In some cases, the fix is quick and simple. Other problems may call for the replacement of the entire toilet. Toilets that won't flush are another issue that requires the help of a professional plumber. This is one area where those who don't know what they are doing could end up creating a huge, smelly mess for the plumber to sort out. 

Water Heater Problems – Many people don't automatically think of the water heater as a plumbing issue, but it is. A new water heater is not always necessary, however. Let a plumber check your water heater and help solve issues like no hot water or water that doesn't get hot enough. In many cases, a burned-out element is a problem that is easily rectified. If a new water heater is in your future, your plumber can advise you on energy efficiency and other new choices in hot water heaters.  

Plumbers already have the knowledge, expertise, and the right tools to get the job done.

Speak to a residential plumbing contractor to learn more. 


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Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

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