Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

3 Reasons To Switch From Copper To PEX Plumbing Pipes

by Bill Turner

If you need to replace your home's old copper plumbing pipes, then you can install new piping in the same material. Or, you can use a different material such as PEX.

PEX pipes are made from polyethylene. They have some advantages over copper piping that you will find useful. Why should you make this switch? 

1. Improve Damage Resistance

If you want your plumbing pipes to last, then you need to choose a robust material that can withstand damage. Copper pipes can't always do this.

For example, copper pipes can corrode and rust. Rust on a pipe creates holes and cracks in the surface, and the pipe will then start to leak.

Copper pipes can also have problems with sediment build-ups. Or, they might burst in cold weather conditions as they are too rigid to cope with expansion and contraction movements.

PEX pipes don't corrode, so they won't rust. They don't collect sediment. Plus, PEX is flexible. It can expand without cracking or breaking. So, your pipes are less likely to burst in freeze/thaw cycles.

2. Get a Faster and Less Invasive Installation

Copper repiping isn't always a quick job. It might also involve some invasive building work.

Copper pipes are rigid; they don't bend. So you might have to cut and join pieces of pipe to run them through tight spaces or unusually-shaped areas. This takes time.

Plus, you might find it hard to repipe areas behind walls or in ceilings. You might have to open up surfaces to get pipes in the right places.

PEX pipes are flexible; you can bend them. So, you don't need to cut and join pipes to make them fit into hard-to-access or tight spaces. You can bend pipes to fit them into place. You can also feed these pipes into walls and ceilings through small holes.

So, your repiping job will go faster, and you won't have as much building work.

3. Reduce Your Repiping Costs

Copper costs more than PEX. You also typically pay higher labor costs if you use copper piping.

Your contractor will spend more time on the job. They will need to use more tools and parts to shape piping to fit your home. Plus, you have to factor in the costs of any work they do to on walls and ceilings.

Your labor costs won't be as high if you install PEX pipes because your job will take less time. Your plumber doesn't need to use as many parts and won't need to do as much structural work.

To find out more about a PEX repipe project, talk to your plumber.


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