Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

A Burst Pipe Behind A Wall Is An Emergency Plumbing Disaster That Needs Quick Attention From A Plumber

by Bill Turner

If a pipe bursts behind a kitchen wall and water is leaking onto the floor, you have an emergency plumbing situation that needs quick action. A good first step is to turn off the water main valve so the leak stops. Then call for help from an emergency plumber so you can get the pipe fixed and your home dried out. While you wait on the plumber, you may want to mop up the water or pull it up with a wet vac. Here's a look at how the plumber may handle the emergency situation.

Find Where The Pipe Burst

The plumber can cut a small hole in the wall and send a camera inside to look around and find the leak if needed. They might do this since water can roll a long way from the source of the leak, and getting a video of the leak location helps the plumber know where to open up the wall. Once the leak is found, the plumber can then open the drywall to access the pipe.

Make Permanent Repairs To The Pipe

Since the pipe is closed behind the wall, the emergency plumbing contractor probably wants to make permanent repairs so the wall doesn't have to be opened up again. The approach they take depends on the type of water lines you have in your home. If the leaking pipe is corroded steel, the pipe may need to be replaced. If it's copper, the damaged area might be cut out and a new piece of pipe patched in. If you have PEX tubing, the plumber may replace the entire length of tubing.

By replacing the damaged pipe, the plumber can be sure the leak is fixed since a temporary repair might fail and then you'd be back where you started. When repairs are finished, they'll run water through the lines and check that the connections are tight and no water is leaking.

You Can Finish The Rest

It's likely the plumber won't repair the wall they had to open up. You'll need to call a drywall contractor or a handyperson to fix the drywall if you're not able to do it yourself. Patching drywall isn't too difficult, but you need all the necessary supplies to do it.

In addition, there may still be water between the wall and elsewhere in your home where the water rolled. You want to act fast to get the floor dried out. If you can't do it yourself, call a water damage company such as Neely Brothers Construction and Plumbing, LLC to bring their equipment and dry your home as quickly as possible before mold sets in.


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Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

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