Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Residential Leaking Faucet - Advantages Of Hiring A Plumber For The Repair

by Bill Turner

Something that may happen at some point in your bathroom or kitchen is a leaking faucet. It isn't very pleasant and can also cost you money. You won't struggle to work out a repair if you hire a plumber who does several things.

Provide an Emergency Repair

If you have a really bad leak coming from the faucet, you should act fast before water gets everywhere and causes water damage that you have to repair. 

Plumbers often offer emergency repair support, so they can come to your home quickly, fix the leak, and then take off. It will be like the leak never even occurred. The plumber will still provide a quality repair, keeping more water from leaking around the faucet.    

Fix Annoying Drips

Even if you have a faucet that drips water slowly, it's still a problem that can cause you a lot of frustration. No matter what you do, you might be unable to stop the faucet from dripping. 

A plumber can always step in if you're unsuccessful with your repairs. They can do many things to fix a dripping faucet, such as tighten loose components, replace damaged parts, and apply sealants that hold up for a long time. 

Replace Damaged O-Rings

Most residential faucets today come with O-rings, which are important in sealing off gaps within the faucet. Over time, these rings can break down and let water leak out of the faucet.

Plumbers can easily deal with faulty O-rings thanks to their timely replacements. They'll remove the faucet, replace the damaged component with a new ring, and verify that it has a tight fit to keep water from leaking. 

Tighten a Loose Base With a Basin Wrench 

One of the more common reasons residential faucets leak is that their bases become loose over time. If you believe that's the reason for your leak, it's ideal to hire a plumber because they have a special tool called a basin wrench that's needed to tighten the base.

Traditional wrenches would make it very hard to tighten the base, considering you don't have much space to work with. Fortunately, a basin wrench is thin and doesn't need much room to rotate in either direction. 

If you have a leaking faucet that's annoying you and costing you money, professional leaking faucet repair services are a great way to respond. They can stop the leak permanently, giving you back your peace of mind. 


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