Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

4 Times You May Need Emergency Plumbing Services

by Bill Turner

A clogged drain isn't always an emergency plumbing situation, but there are times when you may need the help of a plumber right away. Sometimes, a clogged drain can be a huge annoyance or pose a hazard to your family. When that happens, you can call an emergency plumber to help rather than live with the situation until the office opens. Here are times when you may need emergency plumbing help for a clogged drain.

1. When The Problem Affects Your Only Toilet

Toilet clogs can be serious since they can cause your toilet to back up and overflow. If your toilet is clogging, you probably don't want to flush it and risk it flowing onto the floor. If you can't clear the clog by plunging, call an emergency plumbing service and have a plumber clear the clog with a snake or hydro jet.

2. When The Sewer Main Is Clogged

A sewer main clog is another serious situation since it can cause problems with all the drains in your house. All the toilets and sinks empty into the sewer main, so it's possible you'll have problems with multiple drains when the sewer main has a clog. Sewage may back up into your bathtub or other drain.

A plumber can fix this problem by using a hydro jet to clear the sewer line. Sewer main clogs are often caused by tree roots, and a hydro jet slices right through them to eliminate the clog.

3. When a Kitchen Clog Poses a Major Inconvenience

If your kitchen sink drain is completely clogged and you can't get it to open with a plunger, it could create a bad situation if you have guests for the weekend since you won't be able to prepare meals without running water. Even if you don't have guests, you probably don't want to go all weekend without a usable sink in your kitchen. An emergency plumber can use a snake or hydro jet to clean out a kitchen sink drain so it flows freely again.

4. When Your Laundry Drain Is Clogged

If you wait to do the laundry on the weekend, a clogged laundry drain could be a major inconvenience. If you need the clothes cleaned so you have them to start your workweek on Monday, you may need to haul everything to the laundromat if your washer drain is clogged. Lint can sometimes get in a washer drain if the drain doesn't have a filter.

If you can't unclog the drain, you may prefer calling for emergency plumbing services instead of hauling all of your clothes to the laundromat and sitting there for a few hours while wasting your weekend off.


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