Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

4 Must-Have Shower Remodeling Updates

by Bill Turner

The bathroom is one room in the house where balance is crucially important in that the ideal design should involve a balance between beauty and function. This concept is fundamental when it comes to the shower. Not only should this spot in the bathroom look attractive, but it should make shower time more efficient and relaxing. Here are some of the shower updates you should include in your remodel.

1. Multi-functional Showerhead

First and foremost, your remodel project should include an updated showerhead. A showerhead that includes a variety of settings, such as a traditional head, handheld arm, and rain shower setting, is the way to go. The variety of functions allows you to switch between settings based on the process you need to perform, such as when you need to wash your hair. If you want to upgrade your experience, consider a model with a digital thermostat for a more personalized experience.

2. Space Saving Conveniences

Ensure the design of your new shower space includes conveniences that can help you free clutter in other spaces of your home. For example, you could integrate a niche in the shower wall to store your shampoo, body washes, and other products without installing a separate shelf system in the shower. If you like long showers, you could even have a bench built-in for seating. 

3. Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

To truly enjoy a space, maintaining and caring for the space should not feel like a chore. To upgrade your shower upkeep experience, include as little glass as possible in the shower's design. Glass is attractive, but when you consider the oils that are naturally found on the skin, buildup from products, and deposits left over from hard water, this material can also be hard to keep clean. A full tile shower is easier to clean and can mask minor stains easier. 

4. Walk-in Design

Consider including a walk-in design in your remodel project for a modern shower design that can age with you. A walk-in shower doesn’t have a shower door and is generally positioned a few inches below the rest of the bathroom floor so the water remains in the shower. Not only is the design more updated, but if you need an assistive device or have balancing issues in the future, this design will be more accommodating and likely safer. 

Partner with a bathroom remodeling service to bring these ideas to your space. You will not be disappointed.


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Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

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