Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

  • Why Should You Consider Drainfield Restoration Instead Of Replacement?

    What's more important: your septic system's tank or its drainfield? Clearly, this is a trick question since both elements are crucial to your system's safe and efficient operation. However, your drainfield is arguably the costlier and more valuable component. Tearing out an existing drainfield and replacing it with a new one can be expensive and often highly disruptive. Unfortunately, many things can impact your drainfield's performance. Age can reduce a drainfield's ability to filter effluent adequately, but poor maintenance can sometimes bring down an otherwise healthy field.

  • Water Heater Installations - Safety Guidelines That A Plumber Follows

    Safety guidelines should be considered when you are getting ready to have a new water heater installed. A plumber may use special materials during the installation of a water heater. These materials will protect against damages and injuries. A Drip Pan A drip pan that is constructed of galvanized steel or plastic will catch condensation that leaks from a water heater. The use of a drip pan will ensure that flooring materials remain dry.

  • Malfunctioning Water Heater — Reasons To Use Professional Repair Services

    A water heater that doesn't work properly can cause a number of issues in your household. If this appliance ever breaks down on you, be sure to utilize water heater repair services for the following reasons. Offer Emergency Repair Services  Sometimes when a water heater suffers a problem, it's really serious and thus should be handled right away. For instance, maybe a lot of water leaks out of the water heater tank.

  • 5 Reasons Why DIY Hot Water Tank Installations Don't Work

    Do-it-yourself installation of a hot water tank might seem like an easy and cost-saving solution, but it can have dire consequences. Hot water tanks are complex systems and mistakes in the installation or maintenance can lead to health risks, property damage, and much bigger bills down the line. Here are five reasons why DIY hot water tank installations don't work:  1. Lack of Technical Skills  Installing a new hot water tank requires knowledge of electricity, plumbing codes, gas regulations, safety rules, and other technical details.

  • What Are Your Options If Your Water Main Fails?

    The water main is the large, main pipe that brings all of the fresh water into your home. Water mains are typically made from iron or galvanized steel, and as such, they last for many years. Eventually, however, your water main may begin leaking. In some cases, it might even collapse. When this occurs, you can end up with all sorts of annoying issues, such as water in your basement and foundation damage.

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Thank Your Plumbers — For Real!

When you have a plumber come work on your home, we hope you thank them. Really, you should be thanking any contractor who works on your home, but we are a little partial to plumbers and happen to think they deserve a little more recognition. After all, the stuff inside the pipes they work on doesn't usually smell very good. And even though they wear gloves, they have to get pretty close to it! If you would like to learn a little more about plumbers, then we invite you to read this blog. After learning the basics, you'll really want to thank your plumbers!